January 17-21

Important Dates:

Monday, January 17th.  Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  Enjoy the long weekend!

Math Learning Goals: Review for Common Assessment and Area/Perimeter

4.5C- Use models to determine the formulas for the perimeter of a rectangle (l + w + l + w or 2l + 2w), including the special form for perimeter of a square (4s) and the area of a rectangle (l x w)

 4.5D- Solve problems related to perimeter and area of rectangles where dimensions are whole numbers ®

4.4H- Solve with fluency 1- & 2-step problems involving multiplication and division including interpreting remainders. (R)  

We will review for our January Common Assessment on Tuesday and take our January Common Assessment Online Wednesday.  We will also be working on Area and Perimeter this week.

Math Homework: Review for CA 

A review for our Common Assessment will be sent  home on Friday, January 14th and will be due back on Wednesday, January 19th.



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