September 26th-30th

Important Dates:

Monday, September 26th  PTO Meeting 6:00

Tuesday, September 27th Watchdog Kickoff  6-7pm

Friday, September 30th 4th Grade parents may eat with their children.  Lunch Time:12:00-12:30

Friday, September 30th Big Kahuna Fundraiser Begins- Packets will be sent home.

Math Learning Goals: Comparing Decimals

 4.2E- Use models to represent decimals (S)

 4.2F- Use models to compare & order decimals (S)

 4.2G- Relate decimals to fractions:  Tenths & Hundredths (R)

Math Homework: Math HW due Thursday, September 29th

  1.  Math HW was passed out on Friday and is due the following Thursday, September 29th.

Science Learning Goals: Life Cycles

4.10C Explore, illustrate, and compare life cycles in living organisms such as beetles, crickets, radishes and lima beans.

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